Spend Matters Technology Review

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In this report, Spend Matters Provides an Extensive Analysis of Scanmarket's Strategic Sourcing Solution and What it Has to Offer.

“The number of targeted suite providers focused solely on what we describe as the "source-to-contract" market has declined. Yet Scanmarket is one of those that remain, and it is the vendor with the most traction and the largest customer base. And it is a solution provider that is more than standing its ground in a market where consolidation and the march to hybrid strategic and transactional suites is becoming the vendor norm".

Spend Matters has released an independent and in-depth technology review of Scanmarket's Strategic Sourcing Platform.

Download the review to find out what Scanmarket has to offer and if we are the right provider for you!

Excerpts from the report:

"Scanmarket is capable of serving both the Global 2000 and larger middle market organizations effectively. An ideal customer would be an organization that wants to manage a global sourcing effort and is looking at upstream procurement technology from a sourcing-centric vantage point".

"Worth noting is Scanmarket's unique support. The Scanmarket Quick Call provides direct access to Scanmarket's global team of expert eSourcing Consultants, instead of a traditional support desk. This enables Scanmarket to quickly resolve questions and issues, both technical and strategic. In fact, 85% of Quick Calls are answered in less than 1 minute and 95% of all Quick Call are answered within 5 minutes".